MVTV Update: Interview with Caleb Wissenback

by Massive Voodoo

Hello Jungle,

on this coldy wintery afternoon we got a cool interview with our buddy from Reno, Nevada, USA: Caleb Wissenback.

Many of our US readers will know this guy for sure. Caleb is among those who provide great seminars about miniature painting and is also well known for his drive and actions in the american wargamer and miniature painter community. He also won several awards with his skills in miniature painting, but as you all know we on MV do not like to masturbate on medals. He also runs a painting studio called Twisted Brush Studios and does pretty cool teaching videos on youtube too.

Here you go with the laid back interview. We did it while Caleb was visiting Augsburg some weeks ago. We hope you enjoy! And do not forget to switch to HD:

Some days before Caleb visited Ben Komets in Berlin for a private coaching he won via Painting Buddha and then took his chance to visit us in Augsburg for two days with his wife. Roman took his US guests through a city tour on the first day and the second day we just spent some relaxed painting time together:

Caleb also brought some of his works to paint on ... pretty sweet stuff.

See you again on the NOVA Open 2016, Caleb!
Keep on happy painting!


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