Roman Centurion, Roman-Parthian War, 61 AD

by Massive Voodoo

Hey jungle,

after some hard nights of working, it´s now time for Peter to show one of his latest paintjobs: A Roman Centurion during the Roman-Parthian Wars of 58-63 AD.

The bust is 100mm high (with shield about 130mm) and produced by Castle Miniatures.

Painting the Centurion was a really interesting, but quite exhausting project. I instantly fell in love with the bust when I saw Sergey´s version for the first time on Putty&Paint. It had so much power and you could almost hear the noise of battle.

As I´m very interested in Roman military history, I wanted to stick as much as possible to the archaeological proven facts regarding equipment and color (even if the sculpt puts some barriers here). To make things clear: I enjoy every nice paintjob I see, regardless of its "historical correctness". Painting a bust/miniature is a matter of artistic freedom and it should always stay this way.

Imagine yourself somewhere in Western Parthia (today: Syria, Iraq). Heat and dust are almost unbearable. You are in the middle of a battle, thirsty after a long march and fighting for your life. Your only chance to survive this, is by keeping your scutum up and your gladius ready for the next killing blow...

Thanks a lot to my friends, Christian Koepfer for his academic advice regarding the Roman Army and to Roman  for kicking my ass where it was necessary ;)

Roman Centurion, Roman-Parthian War, 61 AD

You can find more photos in my Putty&Paint Gallery.

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