Tutorial: Best Workspace Garbage ever!

by Massive Voodoo

Hey Jungle People and Voodoo People,

this week's tutorial voting was different as we forced the garbage article upon you to finally get rid of it. The winner in this case was rather obvious :D

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Allright, Roman will take over with the article now.
We hope you enjoy! 


You all might have seen the big MV Studio Table we build last year.
By now it is already a great place were we enjoy working.
During the past months a lot of people asked us why the hell we have such a plastic cone in the center of our table on a lot of photos. What's up with this? Plastic cone, not the miniatures ...

Allright, now we finally can lay open that magical secret about the plastic cone: Already during our plans for the table we decided that it would be so cool to have a garbage in the middle of the table and as we all enjoy basketball and need training in aiming we decided to build just that.

The good thing about our table is that you can remove the middle section of wood pretty easily. It's just a wooden board. We took it out and cut a hole in the right radius for the cone.

The famous Raffa photo that was hunting everyone who is interested in MV's year of the painter 2 in their dreams:

Well, as the board was removed we again got reminded that our plan was also to work on a proper cable situation under the table. Without the board we had a lot of light down there to BE reminded :D - at least we clean the studio once a week.

Allright, next step was placing the cone in the hole. See if it fits and all measures upfront were done right.

After the cone's end was cut off  we took a pipe that we bought for this task and ...
 ... glued it in place with hot glue.

All ready now to bring it back to the table.

Placed it looked so glowing from the inside because all of our daylight lamps made the plastic cone so shiny:

After this we placed a big garbage can in the right position. Now the plan was ready to be put to a test. If we now throw garbage to the our cone it should run down to the garbage can. Great idea, isn't it? Well, we failed on the first test, definatly. Our studio's hot glue gun went dead and we realized that the garbage we created is not prepared for too big sized garbage:

Well, but it is done now and you can believe us it is fun if five to six painters sit around the table and start throwing their garbage in the middle of the table. Feels like basketball but different and very often we have to take care of the surface as not everybody of us is a Michael Jordan when it comes to garbage throwing.

We hope you enjoyed this garbage article.
Now we are over with it and will never see it again during MV's Tutorial voting.
I think this is the best news of all :D

Keep on happy painting!


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