Thanks for supporting MV!

by Massive Voodoo

Hello Jungle dwellers, 

Roman is about to leave for a weekend painting class tomorrow- MV's Jar's Beginners Class in Beckingen, Germany with 19 students - and afterwards will dive into some vacation days until
April 1st.

Roman is pretty sure that the jungle will not stay completly quiet in his absence as the other monkeys might throw around bananas when Kong is gone. Duck and cover!

Many thanks to those who supported MV via a jungle donation in the past weeks:

10.02.2016 Rotterdam, Netherlands, 10,00 $
11.02.2016 Glen Carbon, USA, 15,00 $  
24.02.2016 Grosswangen, Swiss, 5,00 $  
25.02.2016 Swindon, UK, 10,00 $  
28.02.2016 Balwyn, Australia, 10,00 $  
03.03.2016 Grosswangen, Swiss, 5,00 $  
13.03.2016 Albacete, Spain, 3,00 $

We do appreciate your support!
Thank you very much!


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