Abalam, Prince of Hell

by Massive Voodoo

Hey Jungle,

it is definatly time for Roman to fill the jungle with some of his recently finished paintjobs. He just paints too many and in a very nice pace. Roman seems to paint a lot these days and he often says how much fun painting is these days for him. Wild and free yeah!

The initial plan for this bust ... wait there was no plan. Roman unpacked the bust and just started painting it like this. Crazy. He is also preparing a step by step article for it for future days of MV. Stay tuned via the year of the painter 2. There will be a Miniatures Unpacked soon too. Good news we hope?

This bust comes from Hera Models, is the non-limited version without helmet and is truely fun to paint. Roman wanted to paint it different to many other versions he had seen so far, so he digged deep to find some insight into demonic legends:

Abalam is the so called Prince of Hell.
Abalam leads many legions against heaven and often appears together as a retuine of Paimon, another great demon king. Together they roar hate and Abalam is a very angry one of his kind. He glows with anger and hate from the inside and burns everything in his path.

 Abalam, Prince of Hell
Hera Models
painted by Roman Lappat

If interested to see more photos please follow the link to Roman's Putty&Paint gallery!

Keep on happy painting!


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