1:72 - Pak 40, Zvezda

by Massive Voodoo

Aloa Jungle,

Roman is painting up stuff and really enjoying his personal studies on different topics of miniature painting lately. Once again he decided to paint up some 1:72 stuff as it is always a great practice to learn to paint small and tiny stuff, move the brush in small areas and so on.

He recently bought this 1:72 Pak (Anti-Tank-Gun) from Zvezda.
The quality of the piece is just amazing for this scale and it was rather cheap. His paintjob is far from a historical traditional paintjob, but that is what he aimed for. Nonetheless he plans to add it to his Historical Master display at the Duke of Bavaria - yeah why not?

It is the usual kit, scratchbuild base and Roman added a german officer from another Zvezda set to the crew of the gun (standing guy with googles):

The piece is really small, here you can see a photo of it on Roman's desk beside a pencil:

Pure athmospheric painting and study of colors by Roman here. Roman enjoyed to paint the small puddles the most, reflecting the burning sky. He hopes you like the piece too?

Pak 40
1:72, Zvezda

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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