MV Mad Max Car Contest 2 - Newsflash!

by Massive Voodoo

Hello Jungle readers, 

we got good news for all of you who are working on their entry to MV's Mad Max Car Contest:
We are extanding the deadline from March 30th to  
May 2nd 2016.

So far we got two entries and from several directions we heard that many of you are in the middle of great projects and that you are not sure if you can make it in time. Well, here you got more time! Use it wisely!

And a small addition to the Random Prize Pool:

Random Prize Pool #03
Recently Roman showed in an article how to use cars in 28 mm projects. Now one of you who takes part in the contest can win exactly the same car Roman is using in one of his projects right now. You can win the original packed car, not the project of course.
 So far, keep the engines roaring!


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