Ultimate Paint Rack Campaign Update

by Massive Voodoo

From the official Campaign at Indigogo: 

Dear Backers!

We just wanted to give another update here about the status of the campaign.

Indiegogo Backers

Indiegogo Backers should have received EVERYTHING by now.
The Brush Boxes have all been shipped two month ago.
We had some returns that will be shipped again (we will cover that).
If you didn't receive your Brush Box by now, please contact us (if we are not already in contact) via picster (at) massivevoodoo.com

Pre-Orders (Backerkit orders)

Most Backerkit orders were already shipped except for the last 20 orders.
Those orders had another delay as we didn't have the amount of Paint Racks in our storage that should have been there... We are in the process of making a new batch of Paint Racks for those orders.

We expect those Paint Racks to arrive in the next 14-20 days and after receiving them, we will ship all the remaining 20 Backerkit orders via DHL priority.

With the shipping of the last Backerkit orders, the campaign will be officially over. Sure we will be still available at picster (at) massivevoodoo.com for questions, missing orders & parts or other problems.

Get a Paint Rack in 2016?

After the campaign is completely finished, we will try to find a way to produce and distribute Paint Racks as a standalone product via Massive Voodoo, so stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter if you missed the chance to order one.

All Paint Racks that will be sold at one point in the future will be direct order, no more pre orders will be offered as we had so many problems with this system of distribution.


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