Barcelona Painting Seminar: The Koreans Strike Back

by Massive Voodoo

Hey everyone in the Jungle!

We have some information about a fantastic class in Barcelona to share with you.
Normally we don't post about all the classes available, that would just be too much. But this time it is a real one of a kind opportunity with master painters from Korea, the famous Sang-Eon-Lee and Myeong Ha Hwang.

So if you have the chance to take part, make it happen!


Hi all!

Maybe you have heard about the painting seminar that Nut's Planet, Life Miniatures and FeR Miniatures organized on last November at Seoul, Korea. It was such an awesome experience that we have decided to do it again but, this time in Europe and bringing our Korean partners as teachers!

We are hosting a figure painting class in Barcelona, with Sang-Eon-Lee and Myeong Ha Hwang. As you know, among other impressive achievements, they are the box-art painters of the amazing products by Life Miniatures and Nuts Planet respectively. Besides that, they work professionally for collectors, have painted for several other miniatures companies and have won numerous awards on international competitions.

This course is intended to demonstrate an incredibly cool and particular way of painting, which is starting to be known as the “Korean School”, through the best possible teachers brought straight away for that purpose from Asia. We are offering the possibility of participating in what could be a unique experience for the European figure painters.

As Barcelona is reasonably near to many parts of Europe by car, and even more by a quick flight, we consider it is the perfect location for such an event. Also, we have here the FeR miniatures support, the weather is quite friendly and the touristic offer is simply immense (lots of options for sightseeing, lodging, eating, shopping, things to do, etc…). For that reason, the seminar will be hosted in English and Spanish, as our aim is to open it for a European audience.

The method of instruction will be personal enough to adapt to anyone's level, but we recommend that you at least know the basics about acrylic paints and figure painting. We count on both teachers and four additional assistant teachers, fluent in both Spanish and English, in order to ensure that everybody is reasonably taken care of.

The assistant teachers are the renowned painters Dani Serrano, Marc Masclans, Jaume Ortiz and Fernando Ruiz, so we think that the pupils are in good hands.

This workshop will consist of two intensive sessions over two days (a full weekend). The seminar will be centered in showing the teachers’ approach on painting a bust face with acrylics and maybe other areas if time allows. We will use two different busts, both future releases from each one of their companies.

The teachers will bring along the sample busts previously painted from Korea and will paint on another copy live, in order to demonstrate the techniques, and then will assist the pupils in turns with their own versions. Each teacher will use a different bust; one will do the teaching on Saturday and the other one will do it on Sunday. Also, we will count with the aid of video tutorials, with both English and Spanish subtitles, that will be used to help explain any possible doubt.

Included in the cost of the seminar will be both busts, the use of the sponsored paints and materials and the complimentary lunch for both days. Also, at the end of the seminar we will make available all the video tutorials used for each step.

The premises have room enough to host a small exhibition with works made by the teachers and the pupils, so you can have the chance to comment and get explaining of further techniques and doubts with in-hand examples.

Also we plan to do some other general activities in order to relax from the class hours and get the pupils to know each other in a good atmosphere of friendship and comradeship, like a pre-seminar party on Friday and a special dinner event for Saturday.

Barcelona Painting Seminar: The Koreans Strike Back

Instructors: Sang-Eon-Lee and Myeong Ha Hwang
Assistant Instructors: Dani Serrano, Marc Masclans, Jaume Ortiz and Fernando Ruiz

When: March 26th-27th, 2016 (Saturday and Sunday)
Where: Kaburi Rol & Games. Passeig de Sant Joan 11. Barcelona, Spain
Duration: 16 hours
Schedule: From 9:30 to 13:30 and from 14:00 to 18:00, with 30 minutes for lunch in the middle. We end up at 18:00 in order to make easier for some of the pupils returning home a bit earlier on Sunday, and having a bit more time to relax on Saturday.
Work Piece: a future bust release from Life Miniatures yet to be announced, and the new Major of British Cavalry in WW1 from Nuts Planet, both in 1/10 scale.
Inscription fee: 250€
Class size: 40 people

Acrylicos Vallejo
Scale 75
Nut's Planet
Life Miniatures
FeR Miniatures

Registrations will end when seats are fully covered or the March 15th.

Send us an e-mail at to get a full detailed dossier about the seminar, with instructions for joining in and all additional information.


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