Review: Private Coaching with Erwan

by Massive Voodoo


Good Morning Jungle people,

it is time to catch up with the end of 2015, in detail with some private coachings we held in the MV Studio pit. In the end of 2015 we welcomed Erwan from France to a private coaching. Roman already meet him in 2015's MV's Jar's Beginners Class in Versailles, both had several mails up front and are frequently in contact. Knowing that Erwan is a really nice guy Raffa and Roman were both looking forward to meet with him.

Roman, Erwan, Raffa, Bene ...

Erwan's learning goals for the two day private coaching were the following:

- Learn to plan a figure upfront ---> color choices, materials, readability, focus areas
- Learn how to paint that plan to your miniature
- on the way we will check for material effects (Textures) and painting techniques to improve them

Well, what can we say as teachers?
It was a real cool coaching with Erwan. Very relaxed athmosphere with tons of stuff to learn for our student. Thank you for the trust in our skills as teachers and miniature artists, Erwan! Thank you for the cool days we had!

We do not like to talk too much on the coachings ourselves, rather let the student tell you his/her impression. Thank you for the write up, Erwan!

Two days painting with Massive Voodoo
MV Private Coaching Review by Erwan

 I've been waiting for a long time before I was able to travel to Augsburg. So you can imagine how anxious and excited I was when I arrived at the workshop...

Boudica and Erwan

And I discovered two guys, waiting for me with a breakfast and a cup of tea, listening to very cool music... Great!!!

We started very quickly to talk about what I wanted to learn. But what surprised me first, is that we talked about an emotional approach of painting, and not the technical approach I was waiting for... Why? Because Roman told to Raffa: "This guy can paint, we need to go further..."

And that's the point: I just had to trust in my own choices. Sometimes, it's the most important thing a master can teach his student. Roman just exactly found what I was looking for...

Erwan had to paint a lot!

And not only on the miniature!
Here is what happened to me during these two days: 
painting without any complex, thanks to my two teachers... Lucky me! Words like hospitality, kindness, are not strong enough to describe Roman and Raffa, and let me tell you time ran really fast in these conditions.

These two days were really intense, and a real success, as they changed my way of painting. So, one more time, thank you guys. This coaching was on of my best events in 2015.

Take care.

Kind regards, Erwan.

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