Tutorial Voting: Boudica's Water Jar

by Massive Voodoo

Hello Jungle dwellers,

it's Tuesday and time again for tutorial voting via MV's year of the painter 2.
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2016 will bring you excitment every tuesday via Tutorial Voting and knowledge and wisdom every Thursday/Friday via the article you ladies and gentlemen voted.


Rules of Tutorial Voting are simple: 
Post your choice, your vote under this posting and we count on Thursday/Friday before the article appears. One person, one vote. Your vote counts! Bring 'em in! Of course you can write why you want to see an article so bad or why not or what you expect of an article or what you wish for next year's Christmas and so on ...

Step by Step - Boudica
Roman takes you on a ride through his work on this bust by Origen Art. This is about his thoughts while painting from the early start, techniques through the painting process, how to catch athmosphere and how to catch a moment.

Gear Article - A Miniature Painter's Water Jar
In this article Roman takes a closer look on the simple gear everyone got: The Water Jar for painting.
Sounds like a simple article, but you will definatly be in awe about the wisdom that lies in deep waters.

Now vote!


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