Brognir Stonebridge

by Roman aka jar

Hey Jungle,

I do enjoy painting a lot recently.
I found spirit again and brush is dancing to wild tunes.
Why? I guess because I do not care anymore. Once in a while every painter cares too much on what others might think of their work, what they think about their style, what they think about their progress and their habits. Once in a while everyone cares about this and in these days you start to think too much about what you are doing. That's a blockade and I razed it for me.

No need to care too much. Painting has his own flow and if I let it flow I enjoy my painting time the most.

With this flow I finished another model. 
This time a tiny bust, sculpted by master Raul Garcia Latorre. A joy to paint. Bust is ~36 mm high and by the company Mproyec. The casts are always limited and if you enjoy Brognir too - there are only 32 left. 

Brognir Stonebridge
A cool character for whom I did not quite find a story yet. Raffa always said he is reminded of a trader, an ugly unfair trader guy who you do not want to mess with. I was not convinced. For me he was just that guy, that Brognir. Filled with illuminated rage. I got a friend who always seems angry with the world, but in fact he ain't. I recently asked him why he always seems that way and his answer after he gave it some thoughts was that it is not anger on the world. He said it is illuminated inner rage. Brognir looks the same. Hope you like my version ...

Brognir Stonebridge
Mproyec, 36 mm

If you want to see more photos of my version please check my Putty&Paint gallery.

What character do you see in the sculpt of Brognir?
Just had an idea, he could be a great Blood Bowl coach, eh? Oh my god, no I got all these ideas, oh no ... ahhh my brain, damn!

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes,


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