Colorful Ronin

by Massive Voodoo


time for another finished miniature, even it is thursday.

You might ask: What about the Tutorial Voting from this week?
Well, you will find the article tomorrow - so it is still time to vote your choice!

This time the model is done by Roman. It is a workshop miniature that he has started during a painting class with the jungle's good friend Alfonso Giraldes.

The class itself was awesome and a lot of new painting influance and spirit got Roman. Well, as the model here was a subject of learning, studying and testing Roman thought of never finishing it, but finally he did.

Roman likes to call the project a study in color, light/shadow and contrast. He is officially saying to not care about blending quality and other technichal aspects in this project. Just color. Hope you like him!

Andrea Miniatures, 75 mm

... and a little history lesson with Roman again, shall we?

"Ronin" is the name of Samurais without a master or lord.
Usually a Samurai was bound to a lord by oath for the rest of his life. Sometimes, when the lord died, or the Shogun sentenced his lord out of office the Samurai was without a home, without land, without honor. Sometimes the Samurai became a Ronin because he lost the favour of his master.

Ronin literally means "waveman", you can also translate this with the "wandering man". A homeless samurai with nowhere to go. Travelling, offering their service as henchman, mercenary or bodyguards. Often the population made fun and jokes of Ronins and the people threw salad or potatoes at them. Free you can say but some would say with less honor than a samurai bound to his master. Why? Usually the code of honor of a Samurai says if he lost his master he has to do Seppuku (traditional suicide). Those who did not follow the code of honor often became Ronin. Well, the others with honor obviously died by their own hand. Tschuukk!! Gnarrrrrggglll! SWWWIIISSHHH! Tok!


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