Review: Private Coaching with Sebastian

by Roman aka jar

 Hey Jungle,

time for another review on a recently held private coaching session.
Man, I do miss teaching and I am happy that I can at least teach in individual session, like these Private Coachings ...

This time Sebastian visited me for a two day private coaching we planned for a longer time ahead, but then Covid-19 stopped us earlier this year. Recently we were able to sit down together in one on one.

Sebastian's impressive result of two days private coaching with me

me & Sebastian

Let's hear what Sebastian has to say about his coaching experience:

"Before I asked for the private coaching with Roman, I already attended several of his workshops. Each time Roman sent me on a journey and each time I found something beautiful on the way. This time was no different, and yet the hours with Roman were different from the workshops before.

I turned to Roman in October 2019 for private coaching to show me how to handle a 72 mm miniature. We agreed on a date in March 2020, shortly after a beginners workshop in Augsburg. The idea was that we would use the workshop to prepare the miniature and the basis for private coaching. Then Corona happened and the world was upside down. The beginners' workshop was the last workshop Roman could teach shortly before the lockdown, and we agreed to postpone the private coaching. A few months later the situation was better and Roman announced that he would finally offer private coaching again. I did not hesitate and asked for a new date.

In the meantime I had a lot of time to paint and that changed me. As the date for the private coaching approached, I knew that I wanted to learn something different after all. The big scale no longer appealed to me. On the other hand, I still wanted to learn how to approach large flat surfaces and bring them to life. So we set a new goal and studied texture and overall contrast instead.

I really enjoyed painting with Roman, his approach to the subject and the calm and clear way he teaches. I knew his style of teaching before, so I knew to listen to the important parts. During my stay, we chatted a lot and had many off-topic discussions. I'm not sure if Roman didn't find it strange that I asked so little about miniature painting, but for me it was more important to soak up the moment.

AAs I said before, I've had several workshops, and this is a constant for me. The MASSIVE VOODOOO starts a few days or even weeks later. It was no different here. While we focused on how to paint texture and how to build contrast on large areas, something else filled me up. Nothing less than confidence in my abilities. Roman said that in our toolbox there are many tools and many approaches to reach our goal, it is up to us to decide. The coaching gave me the self-confidence to do this."

- Sebastian

Sebastian's result is impressive

"Hi Roman,

ich denke ich muss noch eine E-Mail nachschießen, da ich mir nicht sicher bin, ob der englische Text richtig rüberkommt.

Was ich damit ausdrücken wollte ist ganz einfach. Wie auch nach jeden Workshop mit dir braucht es bei mir eine gewisse Zeit, bis ich verstehe, was genau ich mitgenommen habe. Bei den Sachthemen ist das ja einfach, bei meinem Coaching war das etwas schwieriger und hat daher auch länger gedauert. Gestern Abend war es dann soweit.

Ich habe in den letzten Wochen nur Dinge bemalt, die ich teilweise schon seit über einem Jahr rumstehen hatte und mich nicht getraut habe die anzufassen. Das lag daran, dass ich kein Vertrauen in mich hatte, dass das Ergebnis ansehnlich wird. Das hat sich durch unser Coaching geändert. Ich glaube der Schlüssel dabei war zu verstehen, dass es viele Wege ans Ziel gibt und wir uns aus allen Möglichkeiten eine auswählen dürfen, um ans Ziel zu kommen.

Im Frühjahr habe ich oft darüber nachgedacht WIE ich etwas machen möchte und teilweise beschlossen, dass das zu komplex ist. Dann war die Miniatur wieder auf dem Regal und durfte weiter Staub ansetzen. Jetzt denke ich eher darüber nach WAS ich machen möchte und habe dann das Selbstvertrauen meine Toolbox zu nehmen und anzufangen. Und wenn es nicht dahin geht, wo ich es haben möchte, dann suche ich mir einen anderen Weg. Das WIE ist dadurch in den Hintergrund gerückt und blockiert mich nicht mehr.

Und das war das eigentliche MASSIVE VOODOO unserer gemeinsamen Zeit.

In diesem Sinne viele Grüße und Happy Painting!"

- Sebastian

happy student, happy teacher

Thank you, Sebastian for again trusting my teaching skills and knowledge. It was my pleasure to welcome you to the Studio and spent these two nice days with you! Arrigato!

Keep on happy painting!

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