MV Challenge 2020: Full gallery and Fan Award

by Roman aka jar

Aloa everyone!
You all are crazy and left us speechless!
So many cool entries with the tiny astronauts. They travelled way far beyond our imagination and you all did wonderful! Thank you for making this challenge such a huge success and beautiful!

You can count yourselve as winners
already as you are a part of this gallery and made it what it is: an excellent and fabolous collection of how far creativity can take everyone of us and the imagination behind every entry is just adorable! We want to thank you from our hearts for the joy you all brought to the MV Challenge 2020.

Before you enter the full gallery:

It happens in the gallery. These are the rules:

1. You need a Google Account and be signed in

2. The first picture of an entry matters

3. Place a comment

4. A comment on the first picture of an entry is counted as a vote for the Fan Award

5. You can comment on several of your favourites

6. No limitation, but you can only comment once to a single entry

7. On December 5th we will pick the winner of the Fan Award by picking the one with the most   comments on the first entry picture


Without further ado:
This is the link to the enourmous gallery of the MV Challenge 2020

You can be very proud of you being part of this!
Spread the word, share the link with friends, family and in social media! This is just unbelievable!


While you can enjoy the full gallery now, the MV-Team: Josua, Johannes, Sebastian, Hansrainer, David, Daniele, Philip and myself start to vote for first cut. It means we are picking the ones who will go the next step in judging. Please know that this does not mean we dislike any of your work. It is just horrible to judge so many beautiful entries fairly to arrive at a destination to call three of them medal winners. Already, everyone is a winner who got an entry in.

We are judging your entries in terms of

  • creativity
  • execution
  • idea

Unfortanetely in an online contest, photo quality is also a judging criteria. We can only judge what we see. From our view no photos are really bad, but some are better than others and show the entry and work in more detail. Be sure to know that this is not our main judging criteria.
They are listed above.

The results of the first cut, Random Prize Pool Winners and Fan Award will be available
on December 7th. It will be visible in the change of the gallery as we sort it again.

Then starts the next round: Second Cut.
The second cut brings everyone together who are running for a medal before we make a final decision. We will keep you posted on all steps via this channel.

Stay tuned!

If you want to support us with coffee, tea, tissues for tears, chocolate or boxing gloves please know that all donations to the jungle will not change our judging decisions.

You want to support Massive Voodoo? 
If you like to support or say thanks the monkeys of Massive Voodoo in what they do, please feel invited to drop a jungle donation in their direction via paypal or check their miniatures they got on sale here.


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