Review: Private Coaching with Christoph

by Roman aka jar

 Hey Jungle,

time for another review on a recently held private coaching session.
Man, I do miss teaching and I am happy that I can at least teach in individual session, like these Private Coachings ...

This time Christoph visited me for a two day coaching in
the MV Studio

Christoph says:

"This was going to be my second private coaching with Roman.
I had a great private coaching last year in May with Roman
Link so I decided that it was again time to learn some more 😊

I wanted to learn more about painting TMM and skin. So I sent a picture of a “tru metal” album with a lot of Skin to Roman to guess the topic. Since the album was “fighting the world” Roman guessed I might want to learn more about Space Marines. After we had that cleared up, I decided to be more straight forward.

After I arrived, we chatted a bit about which of the minis I brought I’d paint. Both of us being Ilyad Miniature fans, we settled on a blister of their barbarians. We started out with the contrast ranges of reflective metals versus matt surfaces. My painting memory was a little rusty after a summer where I hardly touched a brush but spent my free time gardening and such.


The first day went fast as I was painting contrast ranges of shiny metal on various training items. I spent so much time painting those NMMs and TMMs I felt a bit like karate kid, learning through repetition. It worked 😊. At some point I noticed that I had forgotten to take pictures at all. I decided to take a few pics right away. When I couldn’t get any nice photos of my TMM pieces, I asked Roman if he could take some. He told me yes, but why would I want these photos? I didn’t know at first and noticed after a short moment I’d only need them to show off. My Sensei had taught me an important wisdom 😊.

 On the morning of the second day we finally started painting the minis. Half the axe blade took me forever, but then I really got rolling and the rest of the metal on my barbarian was painted in no time. This was my next “Zen” moment, I got so much faster by painting neat from the start, training and understanding of what I wanted to accomplish. We spent the rest of the day with skin tones which were a lot of fun to paint.

I was again extremely happy with my private coaching.
Thank you Roman."

It does not make sense to just paint something.
Important is to understand it first ...


Training that knowledge ...

Christoph painted the more warmer skintoned Barbarian here
during his coaching and he learned a lot. I painted the other one for explanation purpose.

Not only in terms of metallics or non metallics or skintone, but for me as a teacher who knows his student since some years, the most imporant part was: Calm down! Paint with patience and joy, for you, not for social media or anything. For you! When this hit home and Christoph painted with patience I really was proud of him on the results he could achieve!

I want to thank you Christoph!
Not only for being a long time student of mine, but also for being a friend I can rely on in strange or difficult moments. Thank you!


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