News: MV Challenge 2020 is over!

by Roman aka jar

Hey Space Travellers,

it is about time! 

The Massive Voodoo Challenge 2020
ended yesterday midnight and hell yeah you all went way far beyond your imagination! Thank you all for your beautiful creations, the stories you told and the joy you had.

The final entry counter from yesterday midnight is:

Out of competition:

This is so amazing, unbelievable and wild!

Thank you all for sending out so many tiny astronauts to encounter vast spaces, great stories, unbelievable action and some even found love out there! YOU ALL HAVE DONE GREAT! Thank you for making this challenge so exciting! Again, it shows that Massive Voodoo is the people, you! Thank you for being such a great community!

did sent out all confirmation of your entries by now. If you are missing yours, please check back in your Spam folder or contact Roman via jarhead(at)massivevoodoo(dot)com

 How we proceed from now on:

  • All entries will be uploaded to a full gallery in the next couple of days.
  • We are setting up an excel sheet for all entries that the MV Team will use for judging.
  • We will do a first cut, a second cut and then pick final winners.
  • This will all be visible in the gallery.
  • We keep you all informed on each step.

  • as soon as the gallery is open it is time for you all to vote the "Fan Award", we will inform you how you can do it as soon as we got the right idea :D

  • in the next couple of weeks we will also announce the winners of the random prize pool

... we only ask for a little patience as you can not imagine the workload of organisation that is going on in the back to keep this all organised. And well, no, we are not a team of astronauts sitting in a space office in front of our computers. It is mainly one big, bald astronaut, organising this behind the curtains. Getting everything ready for the MV Team to do proper judging work!

You want to support Massive Voodoo? 
If you like to support or say thanks the monkeys of Massive Voodoo in what they do, please feel invited to drop a jungle donation in their direction via paypal or check their miniatures they got on sale here.

In the meantime we have another addition to the random prize pool (the last one). Thanks to Oliver who offered this 1/6 Manga kit:

A donation from Oliver, a 1/6 Manga kit:


Also other Prize news:

At the moment Roman and Momo are working on creating some metal pins with small astronauts to make everyone who takes part in the challenge recieve a pin for his bravery! Stay tuned! Work in Progress!

We were not able to manage that! Too many things happened recently (for example: Roman has to move unplanned as his landlord needs the flat) and funds and time for this idea were not available. We are really sorry!

A special prize will be added for the one with the most entries:
Mr Lee's Minis is dropping in a double book special: One of Roman's original Miniatureart Artbooks and one special book, a testprint that was used to find our way in the journey of book printing. It is different than the original and shows a lot of process.

If you want to get your own copy of this book, check back with Mr Lee's Minis:


So far from Organisation Mothership!
Keep on happy painting and stay tuned!
Roman & MV-Team


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