Review: Beginner Workshop. Augsburg, Germany

by Roman aka jar

Hello MV Jungle,

... time flies and here is another review on one of my recent workshops.

Thanks to my students from my recent english language Beginner Workshop in Augsburg for travelling to the MV studio from Denmark, Czech Republic, Russia, the Netherlands, Ukraine, Germany and California.

It has been a great weekend, with warm and cold colors, liters of coffee, good chats, and tons of painting knowledge exploding. Thank you for the cool time together in the 'interesting' MV studio.

Thanks for making the trip from far and close. Thank you for your support in photos for this article and the happy spirits you brought to the studio. It has been my pleasure!

Silence before the storm ...

The theory parts contain:
- Learn to see your world with different eyes
- Introduction into basing composition
- Learn how to feel harmony in different aspects
- Important contrasts for figure painting
- Explanation about how to paint a light situation on your figure
- Understand colour theory and learn how to use it properly
- Learn about different materials, their unique properties and learn to paint them
- Learn to lose fear of doing something wrong
- much more!

Basing menue at night ...

When it comes to basing I got to thank the supporters of this class who made the class wonderful due their help in sponsoring some of their products, beside my own crazy material collection:

This review is quite mixed up when it comes to photos.
It will not follow the structure of the class.
Call it a freestyle review  :)

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Friday night was long and full of theory ...

Everybody's busy in the studio ... let's break our necks!
Only one is doing a good job on ergonomics! :D


Repeaters of the class were allowed to bring their own project and push through it with my help. In a group of nine, we had two repeaters. The rest was forced to paint a beautiful demo-nette, muahahah!

"Thx Roman for rly nice time and sharing your expirience and joy with painting and behind it."
- Zdenda

Beautiful golden autumn light from the studio's terrace :)

"As many others before me - I would like to thank Roman for running the workshop. I learned a lot and it was just fun! Also I am appreciating our learning painting group - it was the first time I met people who loves this hobby this much (yep, I am a cavemen) and it felt just good =) It was definitely worth coming, and I will do so again if I'll have a chance!"
- Denis

Time for color wheels!

... and time to learn about mixing colors and how to apply them with your very own decisions to your project. Followed by priming instructions ...

"I'm writing this as I'm sitting in the middle of nowhere in my car that has broken down (don't worry we are safe, just an engine failure), and can only reflect on my life, and be in the moment for the next six hours, before the tow-truck arrives... First time I was in the beginner workshop, I cried with happiness, and now I'm happy too, but in a different way - deep down, feeling calm, and filled with huge emotions. It was quite a different experience, being a repeater of the class - I came prepared, and so was able to not only enjoy myself going through my personal project, but also to observe the other students going through the emotional roller coaster which I remember so lively from a year ago. If I felt hectic, and maybe even a bit rushed then, now I paced in my own rhythm, materializing the vision into something not possible (for me) just a year ago. And I once again felt liberated - from expectations, comparisons, judgements...

You have this weird effect on me, where I instantly switch to what I feel is the essence of my Happy Painting, and can stay on the dopamine high for the whole three days. Do not get me wrong, I absolutely value the ability to pick your brain, your never-ending patience, your skill as a teacher and just the ability to meet my personal painting hero. But most of all, I am always struck by your kindness, frankness, and your big heart. And on top of all that, I feel I can call you a friend. So, be well, my friend, I hope we'll meet soon again. In the mean time, my heart is with you!

 P.S. I told you in class already - this is once again the best miniature project I ever created! P.P.S. Re-reading this now, I'm not sure this is a review of the class (even though it is, for me, exactly why I so love coming back to your studio) - do with this as you wish, I'm as OK with you publishing this text, as much as with you just keeping it in the email inbox. I did not take many pictures from the class (nobody got time fot that!), so I'm just attaching a collage of the project's life from the start to end. Once again, feel free to do with it as you like."

- Josef

Painting explanations ...

... followed by painting time ...

Sunday arrived very foggy ...

"You can mention my stupid, crazy brainwaves about the wrong cold/warm stuff and the thin/thick paint." - Anja

"There are special places, which can accumulate energy of people who live and work there. For years they absorb unseen emanations of the talent as well as physical evidences of creative processes and become a source of inspiration by themselves. Massive Voodoo Studio is definitely one of such places and I’m happy that managed to visit it before the great move. It’s incredible how the aura of the place can influence your motivation and creativity.

For sure I was not the only one affected, it was enough to look at the glowing eyes of beginners course repeater Josef working hard on his dwarf project (though taking into account two nearly sleepless nights his eyes mostly glowed red, which some other time could be a great asset for OSL class). I won’t exaggerate much by saying that all participants felt the same. The boost of productivity and motivation was amazing. Oh, and also there was a workshop. What I can say for sure is that Roman’s class was the best mini painting training I’ve ever attended. That is definitely 100% true since that is the only class I’ve taken so far. Now seriously, the main peculiarity of the course is consistent theory explanation with its immediate practical exercise. Roman gives general and quite prevalent theories in clear and coherent manner and soon after they are brought to life in students’ test projects under his direct guidance. The intensity and depth of that knowledge is quite challenging and I assume the more one knows and understands before the classes, the better will be the outcome (or at least the higher chances to prevent a brain explosion).

The aftereffect from the class is difficult to explain in few words. It’s a mixture of seething energy of new experience, pleasant fatigue after about 25 hours of learning and doing wonders and slight sadness that crazy weekend finally ended. Contours of fresh ideas and plans appear in tired mind, they are still unclear and faded, but you know that you only need to continue the journey to see them gaining shape and color. Like on a picture I took from nameless bridge over Wertach river in Augsburg on the last foggy morning of the workshop."

- Grygoriy

I am always happy to see the results of my students and it is important to me that the teaching I prepared lands in a safe homezone. It worked well with this cool group of students and the results speak for themselves:


You left me as a proud teacher when I look at your results from this weekend.
You all learnt so much and it was my joy and pleasure to help you on your journey.

Keep on happy painting!

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