Review: Speedpainting Workshop, Augsburg

by Roman aka jar

"One thick coat?
What seems to be the new trend to quickly paint up armies cannot match the results of Roman’s speedpainting technique. Instead of slapping on paint with the hope the result looks decent enough to play with, Roman showed us how to achieve a prominent miniature that shines on the tabletop. After one day of intense coaching each participant was able to paint a figure in just 15 minutes, which is a little longer than the drying time of some hyped paint."

- Sebastian

Good Morning Jungle,

following up is a review on my recent held Speedpainting Masterclass in Augsburg, Germany in german language. This one day seminar aims mostly on painters who want to get rid of their grey armies and learn a technique that allows to paint a gaming model in fifteen minutes.

It is a one day workshop and we tackled Zombie miniatures from the boardgame "Zombicide" in 28 mm.Of course, the learned techniques can also be used on different gaming models.


I got ready to welcome twelve students from all over Germany. Not in the studio this time, furthermore finally back in a classroom. In a classroom I will always wear my famous Roman-teacher-focused-duck-face, you know!

"Ich wollte mich auch nochmal für die Kurse bedanken. Ich habe sehr viel in der kurzen Zeit gelernt und wahrscheinlich das wichtigste mal wieder: Mut. Einfach ausprobieren, was man sich grade vorstellt oder was man schon lange probieren wollte. Die Kurse haben mir sehr viel Spaß gemacht und der ruhigere OSL Workshop nach dem Speedpainting war definitiv die richtige Reihenfolge ;-)" 

- Carsten

we started off with little preparation on Zombie models. Then I explained important points on what to look out for and quickly did my first presentation, painting a Zombie in fifteen minutes with the alarm clock.

Handouts were passed out to be able to follow the process ...

Another Zombie was painted as a demo and another fifteen minutes explanation with a spontaneous touch of intense atmosphere. I decided to paint a little bit more on this miniature by the boardgame "The Walking Dead" after the fifteen minutes ...

Instructor: Roman Lappat

Duration: Saturdays (one day)
I usually do not teach masterclass seminars, but when I do these seminars focus on one subject, because they aim to teach you to master a certain topic. This Speed Painting Masterclass is all about speed, efficency and zombie hordes. 

Main topics:

- Learn to paint a Zombie gaming figure in about fifteen Minutes
- Speedpainting techniques and training
- Learn these techniques on Zombies, but learn how
to put them to your other gaming figures too

Student level: All

The hallways were silent as everybody was pushing his skills in focusing on more speed and bravery while painting fast and applying the certain method of speedpainting.

Music helped!

Special Guest: Lea.
She always thinks of everything I forget. Like coffee, self-made cake and just enormous good vibes!

Told ya, cake!

Told ya, bravery!

"Ich möchte mich für den super Workshop bedanken. Er hat mir sehr viel Spaß gemacht und ist wie immer gut durchdacht. Die Herangehensweise ist mal genau das Gegenteil zu dem, wie ich die letzten Jahre gemalt habe." 
- Sebastian

"Noch mal besten Dank für die beiden Workshoptage. Das Wochenende war wieder eine perfekte Mischung aus Freude am Malen und Lernen in einer super Atmosphäre und ich freue mich schon auf weitere Workshops in Augsburg."
- Christian

Skills were trained and we put the alarm clock to less and less minutes ...

We slowly arrived at fiveteen minutes per piece! Training and a drill seargent is the key!

And when the time gets less, you have to make such a face while painting. It does speed up the process for 17 seconds on one model. Promised.

in the end we had quite the number of Zombies on our table after this one day workshop.
It was beautiful to see the progress in speed and focus on important quality aspects in each student's line of models.

I want to thank you all again for a nice weekend and your trust in my teachings.
That was tons of fun and I know you are dreaming of my calm voice telling you confusing stuff about painting and you might even always hear that mysterious fifteen minutes thing calling you :D

Happy Painting to you all!

Best Wishes


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