News: Massive Voodoo Workshop on Color Interpretation and use with Craftworld Studio

by Hansrainer

Hello Jungle People,

Hansrainer is organizing a workshop with the visiting painters from Craftworld Studio - Marco Miladinovic and Aleksandra Cvetanovski from Nov 22nd to Nov 24th 2019. The class is held in English.

They are well know for their colorful yet balanced works and so we are happy to present their class on color use and interpretation in Rodenroth, near Frankfurt/Germany.

If you are interested, contact

Please find all details below:

Main Topic: Colour Interpretation - Colour Use. 

One interpretation - many possibilities. 

"Using our method of teaching through fun practice and creative interpretation, you will be able to learn how to use colours and brushstrokes in creating a background story and atmosphere as well defining characters and bringing them to life. "

Two teachers, Marko and Aleksandra will work with students simultaneously. For examples of their work, visit:

Or their Website/Blog:  

Both will demonstrate different facets of one project in the same style using exact same steps, creating wildly different characters, telling different stories in their individual atmospheres, just by using different colours schemes and brushwork.. 

All students will have the chance to create their own interpretation and Aleksandra and Marko will support you in your color choices and technique. How this will be approached exactly will stay a surprise for the class, but we are preparing fun teaching and creative time for all of you.

The subject of the class is a bust: Bianca Carlson (The HEROES of Fallen Frontiers - Scale 75)
Materials to bring:

Your brushes (ideally a very fine (size 0 or 1), medium (size 1 or 2) and a large brush (Size 3 or 4, always depending on the maker). We recommend you to use sable brushes, but whatever suits your painting style is fine.

Bring paint and brushes you are comfortable working with. The class is about using colours, so paint and brushes ranges can be various and you have the opportunity to learn directly on the material you are familiar with.

Your own painting light (daylight) and if possible an extension cord. (for participants arriving via plane, we have a very limited supply of lights we can provide. Please get in touch early if you need one of those).

What we provide:

- The Bust itself, ready build and prepared.
- Paper towels
- Plastic cups for water
- The new range of SCALECOLOR ARTIST Smooth Acrylic Paints for tryout during the class

So to sum up:

Students should bring : Lamps, paints, brushes, pallette, tools/putty etc…

The price includes: Tuition, Bust, Script, Room and Board,

from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon (dinner, breakfast, lunch, dinner, breakfast, lunch). Arrengements for special dietary requirements (vegan, vegetarian, food allergies) can be made. Please let us know as early as possible.

Class is suitable for beginners to masters, as main focus of the class in use of colours. Learn how to approach to the painting in  more artistic way. Learn the use of colour in your miniature painting projects. 


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