SBS: Lady of the Lake

by Roman aka jar

"The Knights of the Realm needed him as the world was at a turning point.

The Lady of the Lake had to fullfil her destiny and wade into the holy water, summoning the Green Knight, the eternal warrior of peace. She was ready, even the water was a little bit cold. She had no fear. Slowly the bottom of the lake started to gloom in deep and rich greens. He was on his way and she was ready for the conception of the eternal green flame! Together they would bring back peace and harmony in their world."


Welcome to another article :)
This time I will try to give insight into my workflow and process on painting my version of this beautiful sculpt by FER Miniatures:

Lady of the Lake?

Ever since I saw the sculpt for the first time I fell in love with its grace.
For me I easily saw a vision of my version ahead of me. Pretty used to the official legend around the the Lady of the Lake I quickly combined it with the one from Games Workshop's Bretonnian Knight's tale of the Green Knight. A story I was in love with since encountered it.

Chivalry in its pure form.

Step by Step 
Allright, I try to explain my steps to you to all the photos I have made. It is not an article about color recipes, rather more an inspiration of a workflow.


My vision saw her standing in the water of the lake. A glow from below as the Green Knight awakes and starts to ride through the water on his glorious horse. He is getting close to her to grab his metal covered fist around that magical sword that she presents. An aura of absolute chivalry is shining through the full valley of the lake and she stares in awe while fullfilling her destiny.

I had to start with green from below :) - just bam, bam ...

Wanted to feel magic there ... swwwooommmm!

Ok, great so far ...

as I have painted this all on black primer I knew that I needed some highlights. I decided to paint them in 'grisaille', like also used in this quick tutorial of a Deathwatch Space Marine.
Even there was green in already I did not care to use this technique on top of it. It helps me in this stage.

First on the clothes ...

More definition on the clothes and started with a very desaturated skintone with plenty of green in it.

I love this brush by Brokentoad. For me it is like a holy painting sword. It is out of production *cry*,
but they got a new series up. Still need to give it a try!

In this stage I decided for the hair color. Started to gently bring in some more skin color and sketched in her eyes and gaze. Not perfect yet, but I needed it to understand my vision properly.

Touched everything from below again with strong yellowish, saturated greens. I want that glow!
Now all the white paint comes into play as I sprayed severat thin glazes of green on top of it to tint it.

Where to go from there, you might ask?
I did too. Unsure about how to tackle the greens I went for the skintone. Brought her to life with adding more saturation in the skin and some highlights to the hair. Painting what I understand first, then back to the greens I hope.

The whites on top of the green where distracting me. I knew I want highlights there and everything is touched by the green aura, so I decided to spray a very powerful yellowish green from the top on the clothes to connect both.

Used the brush and worked more of the yellowish/green highlights in. Brought back the magic swirls on her clothes too with it.

I thought of some water reflections as beside I was also working on another project, when I started her and got inspired.

I even thought of spraying through this to get that ripple effect, but did not do it :D

I really started to love the powerful yellow areas of the fabrics that appeared ...

The skintone was still flat. So I knew I had to work much more on it. Check back with how the green light touched everything from below ... even in the detail of the head ring.

I did rework the sketch of the eyes, deciding to give her blue eyes with a green glow from below, of course. Green glow you name it!

I used a brush to rework the greens inside.

It is such a graceful sculpt from several angles ...

Touched the face with more time on my hands.
Stronger Skintone appeareance and reworked some highlight in the clothes and hair. Also worked a bit more on the magic thingy on her lower body part. Did not go for caustics of water reflection. Decided to go for some magic.

With my smartphone camera the yellows look much stronger.

Compared to using the big camera. I decided to add the sword and hands now to understand the full picture better.

Of course the sword was inclued in my vision scheme. Pow! Pow!

I decided to work more on the highlights.
Face. Hair. Fabrics. 
I want them more powerful in saturation and brightness. Also worked out details on the sword's light situation.

While working on the skin I decided to give her some freckles while doing skin variatons. Thinned down reds and browns mixed with skintone were used here.

In the end I did final tweaks here and there,
but called her finished rather soon as my vision worked out well and I enjoyed the final result.

I hope you like her too?

She is also on Putty&Paint if you would like to vote for her:

If you want to make this unique version of this bust yours to collect my art and at the same time support me in my work, passion and life feel invited to check back with
my miniature art PDF cataloge!

Thank you!

So far from the depths of the jungle.
More soon!

Keep on happy painting!


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