FM: Memories II

by Roman aka jar

"Memories are moments burned into our souls.
Beautiful ones, sad ones, dramatic ones, uplifting ones. We are all filled with them. They are a part of our lives. They make who we are. It is important to collect memories along the way. All sorts of. They do come as they want and it is important to appreciate all of them."

 Memories II

Created this follow up to 'Memories I' when inspiration hit me again on my second trip to the car cemetery in Sweden. I went there to teach a basing workshop and my students and I went on a small trip to gather inspiration on the car cemetery. During the workshop I started to scratchbuild this little scene with a metal car in 1:43 and finished it recently with joy.

There is a step by step article about "Memories I" already here in the jungle:

If the readers of MV are interested I could also write a small one about this project.
Just tell me in the comments :)

Hope you like it.
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Thank you for your support in my passion, work and life.

Keep on happy painting!

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