NOVA Open - Capital Palette: MV Most Creative Award

by Roman aka jar

Hello Jungle,

even I missed this year's edition of the NOVA Open 2019 due a not happening studio move  - and believe me I truely missed it being around my NOVA friends and family - MV was still present in the Capital Palette, the NOVA's exclusive and wonderful painting event.

Of course there was MV Most Creative Award 2019 - it looked like this:

Again a handdrawn original in watercolors and pens, by me.

This year it was not handed out by my judgement as I was not present. I gave the authoritity to the great judging teams of this year's Capital Palette.

Congratulations to Melissa Powell
who won the MV Most Creative Award 2019 -
second time in a row, as she did that last year too!

This time with her
"Lady of the Lake":

Thank you, Melissa for sending over photos of your beautiful entry!
If you want to follow Melissa's work you can find her on Instagram:

If you want to see more photos of this years edition of the NOVA OPEN 2019 check:

Keep on happy painting everyone!
Sincerly, yours

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