Inspiration: Dinotopia - James Gourney

by Roman aka jar

Hey Jungle, 

I was quit silent on these things that inspire me during my life.
Well I was not so inspired for a long time now. Life. As you can see the jungle drums slowly find their beat back in the last couple of weeks. I hope you enjoy this :)

Remember I started a series of inspirational books
that you can find in the review section of MV?
No? Check them out here:

I continue this today with one of my all time favourite books ...

I think for most of you who are interested in Fantasy Art and Fantasy Art Education James Gourney is not a noname. At least I hope so. You should check out these books too, they offer so much inspiring content and knowledge about painting ...

back to Dinotopia.
Who does not love Dinosaurs?

The beautiful thing I like most about the book are of course the Illustrations and paintings by Mr. Gourney. I am just in love with his style. The great thing about this book is also that is all build up on a great story that is based on a dad and son that are stranded on an island that is magically inhabited by humans and dinosaurs who live together.

Colorfully amazing ...

You get a lot of explanations on how the social system works. About big things and small ones.

I really enjoyed studying Gourney's Color & Light before reading this book. It helped me to understand his paintwork better and I am also able to observe his color game much more.

A lot of interesting colorful detail you will find, if you look close ...

The first book was published in 1992 and well you can read much more about it via wikipedia.

One of my favourite books ... I promise you, if you are interested in fantasy and dinosaurs,
you will love it.

Happy inspiring reading!

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