FM: Dr. Doom

by Roman aka jar

Hi Jungle,

Yesterday I finished a comission on Dr. Doom by Knight Models.
I am happy how he came out in the end, even

It was an interesting ride and challenge due a) painting my style to a model that has to look like a comic character, and I am somehow not free in color choices, b) it was a really bad cast, even though I took my time for good preparation. While painting and going on for more details it showed how bad the cast really was: supersoft white metal, almost no sharp edges, wobbly volumes, bubble holes and overall frustrating. Those of you who own one of these will know what I speak of.

Due all these circumstances I am really happy how he turned out in the end.

This is what my client said:

I followed the progress through Instagram. And it was an absolute joy to see it come to life. But it's also safe to say, I feel a bit guilty for having you to go through the 'hell' of Knight Models. Still, the result is absolutely stunning! I'm thrilled to add this to my collection. "

It is a very classic sculpt
and many know the boxart Alfonso Giraldes has painted for Knight Models. It is a true classic and just shows how good his interpretation of this figure back then already was. You see both are completly different.

I painted my version
with a hybrid of true metallic metal and nmm. Means a lot of colors are mixed into my metals to either make them more matte or colorful as they are reflecting the sorroundings. Unfortanetely it is hard to see on these photos. You can check back with a small video on Instagram if you like:

While preparing the figure I had to wait for putty to dry several times. In the meantime I did sculpt the part of the Dr. Doom's Carpet that you can see in the base 's front left corner to give this simplistic base a stronger comic look.

I hope you like him?
Keep on happy painting!

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