SBS: Scratchbuilding a baseball bat

by Roman aka jar

Good Morning Jungle,

like I told you there will be a quick step by step on how to scratchbuild a baseball bat for ... well, whatever you need it for :D

In this case a sword of a barbarian was cut off at his hand and a pin was then drilled into the hand to give stabilisation to the baseball bat. Now I decided from several round wood elements which one would fit the scale well.

My plan was to place the wood piece in the studio's drilling machine and use sandpaper to create the shape of the baseball bat. Take care of your own security while working with a tool like this. Hobby accidents suck!

Mkay ...

I need something stronger than sandpaper ...

Slowly I am getting there ...

I used magic sculp to clean up not so nice areas from the connection ...

Placed to the model ...

In Progress by one of my recent private coaching students, Tanja:

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial.
Nothing too fancy, but baseball bats do not need to be fancy, aight?

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes

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