Review: Material Masterclass in Augsburg

by Roman aka jar

Hello Jungle Painters,

well, well, well ...
It was time for my first group seminar in 2019 and we went all in for my Material Masterclass.

This is what my curriculum says about this seminar:

Instructor: Roman Lappat
Duration: Friday night, Saturday (1,5 days)

This is an in depth two day seminar that takes you deep into understanding a wide variety of different materials, to analyze them and extract their properties into your painting work. Most important in this class are the questions: "Why?" and "How?". My Material Masterclass will help you step forward big time in your knowledge about observing and painting what you see.

Main topics:

- Learn to read material properties
- Learn the grisalle painting technique for applying texture
- Learn to tint it properly by using glazes
- Learn how to put too much time in such details
- Focus on: leather, fabrics, metals, fur, hair

Student level: Advanced For this class you should be prepared with an advanced skill level. You should know about zenital light, basic color theory, contrast range and how to create a blending.

I want to thank everyone for joining up in the MV studio.
A small group, but this only benefits the students ... well known faces and it was beautiful to see your progress since the last time we've met! Thanks for joining from near and far :)

Friday night ...

Studying material ...

Studying from the real thing ...

Recreating its properties ...

In depth analysis ...

... and of course some fun ...

Saturday morning we tinted these with color ...

We then started to work on different busts to put that knowledge to a test ...

Now the fun began ...

Time to focus now ... when it comes to color on top of it
and even more focus to work more on top of this ...

A happy teacher is a teacher who enjoys his students click moments and who helps them to get them ... I really enjoyed these 1,5 days with you, ladies and gentlemen.

Thank you all for some beautiful hours spent together and your will to learn from me!

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes

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