FM/SBS: Manta - an homage to Möbius

by Roman aka jar

Hi Jungle,

another painted bust from my table.
This time a comission for a good friend of mine who is in love with the comic books by Jean Giraud aka Möbius. These comics have a certain style, on first glance very spacy and weird, but also a great subject to study and try something new.

The sculpt by Romain van den Bogeart catches the comics really good and I was reading my way through four comic books before I started painting this homage.

I really enjoyed painting this bust, especially as it was comissioned by a friend of mine. I am really happy to make him happy with this paintjob of mine. I also wanted to show you how I started this paintjob. The first steps were taken in my first seminar this year, my material masterclass where I used this bust and its surfaces for explanation purposes.

First I did a grisalle underpainting to understand texture and contrast. It is kind of the same that you can achieve with the 2k priming method of black and white primer, but more detailed as you apply with a brush and got more control.

Then I started tinting surfaces in its supposed colors with several glazes on top.

Bringin in more color games.

In this stage I was missing the illustrational look...

And decided to draw some illustration lines in it with black color ...

I really liked the effect and worked out final elements here and there. Mainly contrast, color play and detail to see the bust in its final version:


You can find more photos via:

I really enjoyed this study and homage. Hope you like it too?
Keep on happy painting!


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