Review: Prviate Coaching with Tanja and Stefan

by Roman aka jar

Hey Jungle,

it has been a cold January morning when I started my first private coaching for 2019. A special one as I had welcomed two long time students and friends of mine, Tanja and Stefan.

Both decided to study skintone with me during their private coaching. Tanja decided she wanted to be pushed to far better results when it comes to white skin while Stefan took the challenge and went for painting dark skin.

Of course, this is an in depth subject that can not be explained with theory and reference behind it.
All three of us arrived for the coaching prepared with material in hand. After some explanations and guidance from my side we all three started painting.

Me, Stefan and Tanja

If you want to follow Tanja's blog:

If you want to follow Stefan's work:

Tanja went for a big barbarian figure with a great concept. I hope she will finish it as the story she tells with it something far away from that typical barbarian dude.

Tanja's first steps

Stefan's first steps ...

Of course we went much further. Stefan's second attempt under my guiding eye. Painting such is not done with following a color recipe. The magic in understanding how to paint this is to learn to obbserve from your references and read the colors you need to paint.

While Tanja was working in more and more time on her Barbarian skin I was helping her out with her idea and instead of swinging a sword the barbarian guy now recieved a baseball bat. I will write a tutorial about its creation soonish.

Tanja's process ...

And more process ...

Stefan went all in and did an homage to Morgan Freeman on a bust by FER Miniatures.

In the end of the two days both made massive steps forward in their knowledge of painting skintone and on their personal subjects.

It was a real pleasure helping and guiding these two wonderful people on their journey of painting.
Thanks for the cool two days and the candle light atmosphere :)

Keep on happy painting!


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