SBS: The Cappuccetto - From an Idea to Sculpture

by Daniele "Found" Trovato

The Cappuccetto: from an Idea to Sculpture

Hi everyone!!
Let's go together with sculpting a personal charming bust :-)

The Main Idea

My daughter loves stuffed animals :-)

Last Christmas I bought her a big and soft plush dog, and since that day the big dog was always with her :-)

While I was sculpting something, my daughter was talking to her puppet, hugging him from behind.

In winter period,  my daughter normally wears a small shawl.

My Little Anastasia and her best friend :-)

 Do you guess what I immediately thought? :-)

Yes! You nailed it: The Little Red Riding Hood

Sketching time

Start with a wood piece with an armature created with metal wire.

So, I using my Super Sculpey Original and I start to sketch my idea:

From now on I will use the most useful and important tool of every sculptor: his own hands !!
As I always said: GO ROUGH!

I baked it, so i have a more hard surface to use as an armature for soft clay.
For this bust I used a mix of Beesputty firm with FIMO Professional (about 50%-50%)
This mix was suggested  by Valentin Zak, and I think it's pretty useful, because personally I can choice the amount of stickness of the clay: the more is amount of Beesputty, the more sticky is the clay.

I tried different face and expression, in order to obtain something interesting. No rules. Just followed my inspiration.
I Always change the pose, the expression until it satisfies me.

As you can see, sculpting is a try and attempts process.
You don't have to hurt yourself searching perfection.

Firsly, I used Thun Angel Face as a inspiration

Immagine correlata

Just unleash your imagination, and have fun, the rest are details.

I didn't use any reference, Jjst used my memory, my experience and my fun!

I changed the face expressions of both about 15 times.

The Ultimate Step-by-Step

This is the detailed step by step of the process: :-)
  1. Have an Idea, "your" idea.
  2. Sketching
  3. Have fun....
  4. Failure....
  5. Try....
  6. Have fun....
  7. Frustrating....
  8. Attempt....
  9. Try.....
  10. Have fun......
  11. I want to give up...
  12. Try...
  13. I will never sculpt anything...
  14. Attempt...
  15. I hate my work
  16. Try...
  17. I hate my hobby...
  18. Try...
  19. It seems good...
  20. Have fun....

  21. You need love, persistence, and passion to obtain good results.

    The meaning of my process is this: people aren't interested in process, people want results.
    My goal for this article is to remember that behind every piece of art ,there is work and love.

    You don't buy a single piece of resin.
    You buy the artist time, the experience,  the work and the love for art. 

    1% is talent,
    99% is practice,
    and attempts

    The Finished Sculpture

    Sometimes I ear  comments about sculptures:
    ...This is not perfect...
    ...That is not symmetrical...
    ...The nose is curve...
    ...Those isn't anatomically correct...
    etc... etc....

    This is ART: no one can judge yours!

    I suggest you don't think about people comments!
    You have to think about the creation process.
    Did it give you fun? That's the real important thing!

    I wanted to create a cartoon shape baby with a cartoon Wolf, that's all.

    The Cappuccetto

    Designed and sculpted by
    Daniele "Found" Trovato

    The  Cappuccetto

    The Cappuccetto

    The Cappuccetto

    The Cappuccetto

    I decided to produce this bust myself
    exclusively  48 hours preorder, so you can find it here

    I hope this article can be a source of inspiration for you, in order to have the best fun and never give up.

    Keep Sculpting

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