by Massive Voodoo

Hey jungle readers,

we wish you a happy new year! We hope, that you enjoyed your days with your families and friends and your (already well stashed) hobby-room has received one or two new play things :)

Like it is most of you, the time after Christmas and New Years Eve is filled with a lot of work for the jungle. Roman is diving deep into the flood of mails he still has to answer. Please be a bit more patient, if you wait for an answer from him. As he is focussing on this matter, things will be a bit more quiet here on the website, but the other monkeys will try to cover him as best as they can. For example, Peter and Josua are enjoying a painting week together in the studio and will surely update you all with nice pictures on the MV-Facebookpage. Make sure to stay updated :)

We wish you a good start into 2018 and may the gods of color be with you all :)

Your MV-team


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