Review: Private Coaching with Stefan

by Roman aka jar

Hiho Jungle,
time for another review on a two day private coaching I held back in late 2017.
This time Stefan visited me and his coaching goal was very precise:

As a big Infinity gamer he wanted to make the jump from basic tabletop miniatures to a higher quality of his painting. Several different topics to tackle and that is what we did. 

Roman & Stefan, serious painter style

And like always a warm welcome on my students table. Less candy this time :D

Sterfan brought plenty of Infinity models to work on.

Stefan also brought some of his models he painted since his visit of my beginners class. Really cool gaming pieces. Mainly worked with drybrushing and washing. Not bad at all, but of course there is always room to improve.

My teaching plan with Stefan and our topics:

  • In-depth color theory
  • Different approaches on how to start a model
  • In depth look on glazing, layering and detailing 
  • How to create different types of blendings that show a certain material
  • Painting black
  • Painting skintone
  • Introduction into airbrushing

The first thing we did, was a in depth look on color theory with several exercises.
As soon as you understand colors better, painting gets easier. Simple as that. I am not a big fan of recipes anymore, as recipes just lock you in boundaries and do not have anything to do with painting freedom. Of course if you paint armies, recipes are a good thing to unify the look of many figures, but still this can easily be done, even if you know more about how colors work!

Training the eye to visualising!

On this - already painted - figure by Stefan he wanted to know what he could improve. I showed him detailed principles about saturation, focal shadow and light and more.

We learned to start from a grisaille sketch and how to continue on it on this subject.

We learned to paint black on different materials on this fella.

We created a smooth blending with a slight influance of atmosphere.

Left: new approach, right: old approach

Another approach on how to tackle different material and reflections and technique approaches.

Let's paint a nice gaming figure face.

As a teacher I really enjoyed these two days with Stefan. We had plenty of good talks about everything and focuesed on improving Stefan's skillset a lot. He went home as a really happy student.

This is what Stefan had to say about the coaching (german only, sorry):

"Mir hat es wirklich sehr gut gefallen und meine Erwartungen wurden erfüllt und sogar übertroffen!
Was mir besonders gut gefallen hat:
  • Deine offene und positive Art: Auch mal über privates sprechen oder über die Gedanken, die in einem beim Malen vorgehen.
  • Viele Tips zu guten Farben und anderen "Werkzeugen" (Pinsel, Nasspalette, Literatur)
  • Inzwischen habe ich mir fast alles schon besorgt: Inktense Farben, Dark Sea Blue von Vallejo, Schminke Farben, Color and Light: A guide for the Realist Painter etc..
  • Die vielen "Gimmicks" die du mir kostenlos mitgegeben hast. Hab das Booklet von dir schon durchgelesen und ich finde es sehr kurzweilig und sehr inspirierend.
  • Dass du mir in der Zeit wirklich richtig viel Methoden und Werkzeuge mitgegeben hast, das war echt super. Ich konnte soviel mitnehmen und einbauen für mich!!!
  • Gesponsorter Kaffee/Verpflegung.
Nochmals von ganzem Herzen vielen vielen Dank :-)
Feel free to contact me for your private coaching!
I am filling up dates for two day private coachings at the moment for the whole year of 2018, but still have to catch up with tons of emails after the winter break. Be sure I'll be back at you very soon! Additionally check back with the MV roadmap of weekend seminars to certain topics.


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