Allright ... 2018

by Roman aka jar

Hey Jungle,

2017 is gone.
2018 is here and it is time to roll up the sleeves to get back to work.
No need to be patient with your jungle from now on. There are big things on the horizon that will be tackled by your jungle crew.

and Josua spent some great days in the MV headquarter and enjoyed some splendid painting time. They updated their progress on MV's facebook, do not miss it.

We want to thank all of you for a great 2017.
Thank you for your support in what we do, for your comments, for reading the jungle blog. We are a little sad that in the hurry of 2017 we forgot to celebrate MV's birthday, but we also learned that the older you grow the less important birthdays get. Well, seems like it is the same for blogs :D

I, for my part can tell you what is up
on my table after my winter vacation:

  • Finalizing shipping to all winners of our 2017's MV's challenge (soon complete, sorry for the delay and muchas gracias for your patience all over)
  • Painting, tackling some new comissions and finishing some old projects
  • Getting back in control over my email tsunami, please be patient. I'll get back to you!
  • Writing at least one tutorial a week for our readers as I got about 60+ in stock from the last years
  • "Tip of the week" will arrive on Tuesday (not today). This was a good thing in 2017 and we will stick to good things from the past.
  • Slowly planning the next MV's challenge. This will be most awesome! Promised.
  • We are even working on an update of Massive Voodoo 2.0 (big news!), but also ask for your patience on this. We can promise you that you - our readers - will be happy!
  • Focus on rebuilding articles from our tutorial section that miss some photos due a photobucket issue. If you want to help, write a comment below the article.
Beside this I can already tell you that I will not post blog updates every day from now on as there is so much sidestuff to do this early 2018: This year the MV studio has to move as the buildings of the culture park will be gone in autumn. We already have several new options, but none decided yet. I bet you can imagine that this is quite the workload to plan and push through. 2018 will be a year of restructure the old , readjust and focus on the new.

Well, saying goodbye to an old year always means I will change my cutting mat on my working table and do a big clean up. The old painting mat is packed with lots of memories and creative flows, it is signed and is now on ebay. Only two days left!

From old to new ...
let's see how the new one will look during this year!

So far, keep on happy painting and read ya all soon!


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