MU #100 - Iter Miniatures, Zay, The Golden Gobliness

by Josua Lai

Goood morning Jungle,

I welcome you to another round of Miniatures Unpacked.

This time we talk about the first Release from a new fresh company called "Iter Miniatures"

Alex the man behind Iter Miniatures send me a nice little package recently and we will have a closer look whats inside together now shall we?

The first thing I found is a nice looking black box. Everything seems well put together there is no strange ratling from inside the box which is pretty satisfying for me.

After opening the box you find a bunch of goodies in there. There is a sticker and a card telling you, which copy out of the 200 limited ones you got.

Beside the Miniature there is a really nice looking black resin plinth, but we will talk about him later.
The miniature itself is packed in a zipbag, covered by a really nice linen-type bag. Still, everything feels save and well packed.

The bust itself represents some kind of Goblin Pin up Girl. The description on the Webside of Iter Miniatures tells us, that she is the owner of a tavern called "Golden Gobliness".

Raul Garcia Latorre sculpted the bust after an artwork by David Haire.
As usually, he did an awesome job in sculpting this bust. He catched the feeling of this artwork spot on with all its sketch charm.

Copyright by Iter Miniatures

Lets have a closer look at the cast itself. The cast I received, is really smooth and all the more simple, up to the complex volumes are well casted. There are some small moldlines back in her hair
but nothing, what a sharp blade and a few minutes can't fix.

I let the Pictures talk for themself now :

The scale of this Goblin Lady is roughly 1/10 and about 65mm in height. My bust came with a black plinth, which will help to present the figure in your cabinet. The form of the plinth compliments the bust really good and has a smooth and nice finish to it.

Closing Words 

I have to say that was pleasantly surprised about the quality of the casting and the content of this box. I think this small bust gives the painter some good opportunity to paint a different kind of greenskin than the usual axe swinging Orcboss. The size and style feels right and should be some solid hours of fun.

If you want to pick up Zyana check out the Iter onlineshop and if you have some questions i am sure Alex is happy to answer them.

I hope you liked this edition of MU.

Best regards out of the Swiss Jungle



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