We wish you a happy new year!

by Massive Voodoo

the jungle is quite silent these days.

Maybe its because of the recently passed silent night of Christmas and the magical time that happens between Christmas and New Years Eve. A time to rest, relax and readjust yourself, your lifes, your love, your happiness. For some a time to look back on a beautiful 2017, for others a time to look back on a confusing 2017, maybe. People, life, stories and experiences are always different from person to person. Nonetheless 2017 will be gone in some brief days. No matter what 2017 made with you, remember it made you progress. To be a better you, a better version of yourself on the future tracks of your journey as you. We hope that 2018 will bring you closer to what you search for yourself and to what you seek in life, but mainly we wish all our readers and their loved ones tons of health for the new year and a smooth transition into the new year!

Always remember:
A goal without a plan is just a wish.

Happy new year to you all!
And see you for massive jungle madness in 2018. Our plans are so big, we are not sure if the jungle is big enough. Muahahahaa!

Enjoy winter and read you in the new year with exciting news, fascinating content, goals with plans and precise figure painting madness :)

Cheerio and much love to you all!
Roman (author) & your MV-Team 


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