Into the sun

by Roman aka jar

Good Morning Jungle,

this figure is special.
Special in terms on how I painted it.
It is a) a gift and b) and uncommon paintjob. The bust is "Laszlo" by FER Miniatures and was painted as a gift to my good friend and MV monkey brother Peter.

This summer we both spent a week of holiday on La Palma on the canarian island, Spain. We had great weather and tons of beautiful views. Unfortanetely Peter got sunburned on the first day with some nasty skin reaction to the sun cream or whatsoever. Nobody knows, but too much sun ain't good for Dracula. 

Well, the bust is a gift for Peter as he moves back to Augsburg finally, back to the city of the MV headquarters and this is something to celebrate. Therefor this guy was painted pale and ...

Into the sun
FER Miniatures, 1/12

Keep on happy painting!


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