Khaarzul, the Ravager

by Roman aka jar

Good Morning Jungle,

again it is time for another finished project.
This time I had a client - not out of the miniature community - but a person who has never seen a painted figure before. A waitress in one of my favourite restaurants in Augsburg. It is close to the studio that is why you might find me there once in a while after a hard days work. She one day asked me what I am doing as work as I am often eat dinner there with my private coaching students and they talk all sorts of different languages. As an answer to her question I brought her some of my miniatureart postcards as a gift and she asked me if she could visit the studio one day.

She was visiting and enjoyed this absolute new miniature world a lot. She came up with the question about Dragons. Her husband is and loves dragons and if I could do something for his birthday that would be a very special present. I said yes and Khaarzul by Artefakt Miniatures was the perfect bust. So cool dragon bust available there and the sculptor Winton is truely talented. If you like dragons, this is the place to look now and in the future.

It all came down to an in time finished and unique birthday gift. A powerful and dark dragon was my clients wish. One that looks to be able to show some anger, but at the same time endless wisdom as he had seen worlds burn and collide. Some on his wrath. Now her husband wants to visit the studio too :)

Khaarzul, the Ravager
Artefakt Miniatures

More photos:

Keep on happy painting!
Hope you like him?


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