MV Zombie Community Project - Update #07

by Roman aka jar

Dear Ladies and gentlemen,

once again some time has passed quietly (way too fast in our opinion) and it is urgently time for the next update about Roman´s and Bene´s Zombie Community Project. Last Update was during this summer and we can tell you one thing that is for sure: This project did not die. Even it is about Zombies. Let's call it a walking dead project. It grows, steady and slow.

If you don´t know what we are talking about you are welcome to check the link below, where the idea behind the project is explained. You will also find there a link to all the updates and names on people who are supporting us in this:


Update #01
Update #02
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Update #06  

For everybody waiting for the final results of the MV challenge 2017: Josua and Roman are done with the pre-judging and make final decision in their jury work tonight. 
Expect the results tomorrow :)
You want to support Massive Voodoo? 
If you like to support or say thanks the monkeys of Massive Voodoo in what they do, please feel invited to drop a jungle donation in their direction via paypal or check their miniatures they got on sale here.

Some months have passed silently on this. Let's catch up with what happened. To be frank, it was not much as life is keeping most of us involved in this project in a daily grip of checkboxes, but something has happened and we want to tell you:

Raffa painted up a Zombie for the project - thank you for your donation!

We recieved a small envelope with more Zombies. 
No comes the stupid part that Roman is to blaim for: We do not remember from whom and Roman took photo of the letter and thought as soon as this update will be written the name will be on it. See for yourself: no name ... yay! Sorry! Please get back to us if you find your Zombies here right now:

Five supercool Zombies ... thank you!

All new models are up on the third group community board.

As we said earlier, this project is not dead. It continues and plan is to stil start with the base in the near future as soon as life and work allows. And Christmas, oh dear :D ... Roman in the meantime did not paint a Zombie at all, but collected some toy cars for being added to the base. Collection was done also on flea-markets and Roman had to bargain hard with some kids about their cars. No more cars needed for now, a fine collection to build up the right ambience :)

We will keep you posted about further progress, never worry that this might die :)
If you want to pledge your support to this community project too here is more information:
MV Zombie Community Project.

Keep on happy painting!
Roman & Bene


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