Blood Angel & Salamander Primaris

by Roman aka jar

Hi Jungle,

time to roll things up from the last couple of weeks, while we showed you only MV Challenge entries. In the meantime, Roman and Josua are busy judging. So, let's get it on - slowly - with some finished projects.

First one is a Space Marine Primaris, converted to a Salamder Marine. I am having quite the fun nowadays to work with the new primaris sprues. Always a fan of Space Marines and mucho in love with the new ones. There will be even a full one day painting class only focusing on painting Space Marines with me where I let you know all my tricks and tips.

Salamander Space Marine Primaris
Games Workshop, 32 mm

This figure is not for sale anymore.

It was sold recently to a private collector and he said:

"I Got mail today! What a great piece! I love it!"

And another Primaris was finished too. Also a little conversion work done that turned him into a Blood Angel. They are so much fun to convert with all my Space Marine bits. Really enjoyable.

Blood Angel Space Marine Primaris
Games Workshop, 32 mm

The Blood Angel is available for sale
and you can make him part of your very own collection. Right now - until December 1st - even with a Christmas discount on my full cataloge.

Keep on happy painting and beware of more Primaris to come!

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