Mu 100: The Bantam Alley - Wargaming Terrain Extras by Studio Level

by Roman aka jar

Good day Jungle,
like we announced we have to interrupt the beauty of the MV challenge entry posts for two things:
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This Miniatures Unpacked is a special one in the Jungle as we reached number 100.
If you are interested in getting to know more products or miniatures we regularly use, 

This review is about
a Kickstarter that launched on Halloween by a polish company,
called Studio Level and is named

"The Bantam Alley - Wargaming Terrain Extras"

My honest first impression is this:

"Amazing fine casting quality on stuff that every diorama builder was missing and gamer needs."

A quick example:
As we all know there are many kickstarters
and sometimes you can even lose sight on what is good or what you really could need or not. With this review we want to show you something that you will fall in love with. Studio Level contacted me if I would be interested in reviewing some of their products and I said yes as these gentlemen were supernice and professional. I was amazed on the quality and usefulness of their products. This is how they describe themselves in their Kickstarter:

we are StudioLevel and we believe that your wargaming & miniature painting hobbies can be taken to the next level. We make our products superbly designed. We create terrains and bits.  

The Bantam Alley
was created for all tabletop wargames fans. Novice and advanced: gamers, miniature painters, terrain makers, diorama builders, modelers, collectors and every hobbyists. 

This is post-apocalyptic city 28-32mm scale, where you can find. 100% handmade, real textured, high-quality painted - ready to game, modular battlefield system. 

Epic detailed scatter scenery build from scratch, finest casts resin bits made from 3d prints original models and uniquely designed miniature bases.

Our wargaming extras are created by us in the professional workshop. Resin sets come unpainted. Only the gameboard is painted, handcrafted work! Note that all products packshots are photos.

Build your own post-apo city for your wargame universe or skirmish system.
So keep scrolling and find out what we prepared for you."

Well, let's see if this is true, shall we?
I recieved a parcel by Studio Level terrain and will unpack it with you now, paint bottle and birds skull are for size comparision:

Unfolding the bubble wrap leads to many tiny blisters with a wide selection of Wargaming Terrain samples of Studio Level's products. We will look at them closer in about the next couple of photos:

To be frank I did not know what to expect as I did not know their product range before they launched the kickstarter.

I decided to pick out six blisters to show you the variety they do offer.

Ok, first thing that impressed me the most was their casting quality.
Holy moly! These round, resin pieces for example can be put to great use as gaming base build ups, terrain details and/or for advanced diorama builders as a beautiful add-on:

Lovely details and while looking at these I already have diorama ideas flowing through my mind: bunker doors, spaceship corridors, hidden vault entries ...

In hidden vault entries you could place crates with bottles.

Or you can go big 
with even bigger pieces you can use for your display pieces or gaming terrain.
The designs are well thought, do not look like something you have seen already, even we all think we have seen it all by now.

If you want to go into detail add-ons to your build ups,
small gear like lamps, shoes, gas canisters and tool boxes make their terrain offer even more attractive.

Again the quality of the casts has to be mentioned
and is visible if you look at the rivets of these wall lamps. Studio Level is offering a lot of stuff that you often need to create your diorama visions, but always missed or had to scratchbuild yourself. A wonderful product palette.

These postapocalyptic terrain bits just rock and I bet you can find them in future postapocalyptic dioramas, Fallout inspired display projects and wargaming tables.

This kickstarter recieves absolutely green light from the jungle.
Have a look and help support to make that idea and product range reality and with your support make your hobby material and dioramas level up:

"The Bantam Alley - Wargaming Terrain Extras"

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