MV Challenge 2017 - Waterbase Challenge Winners

by Roman aka jar

Hello Jungle,

it is about time.
The MV Challenge 2017 is over.
Roman and Josua finished judging last night and want to present to you the final winners of this event. To see the full galleries and random prize pool winners again, please check back with this post.
To check back with the rules, please see the initial announcement.

Did we tell you that we already have a great new idea for MV's 2018 Challenge?
No? Well, now we did and we will even add a small hint: It is about animals :)

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Ok back to topic:
Winners of the MV Challenge 2017

Before we show you our judging results we both - Josua and I - want to tell you something:

"The MV-Challenge was a great success for me. The amount of people getting creative and  entering both categories made me feel really proud and enormously happy. It showed me again what i love and cherish about this hobby and his community. Thanks to all the participants for so many wonderful creative projects. I am looking forward so much to the next one...  "                                                             - Josua

"Amazed is not the right word, positively overwhelmed and speechless fits much better. So many winning painters that took the challenge to learn and experience something new created so many beautiful entries and everyone with heart and soul in it. No, amazed does not fit properly. Proud - like Josua said - is the right word here! I can not wait until we present you the next challenge :)"
                                                                                                                                                     - Roman

Thoughts on judging:
Well this was no easy job, you can bet. We discussed through sleepless nights and even had one day where we did not want to speak to eachother as our harsh discussions made us go mad at eachother. You are all just winners in this challenge. We will present you both categories now and show you the winners, we will also add a small comment on our judging criteria to the categories. Unfortanetely we do not have the time to write a small comment to every entry these days. Sorry. We would love to, but life, work and love keeps us busy.


Judging Criteria
We mainly judged the quality of your waterbase. How clean and precise you worked, your creativtiy and the beauty of your personal challenge's result.

#Honorable Mentions

Projects that were really close in recieving a medal:

We had to give two :)








We will show you the winners of the Infinity Category tomorrow. Stay tuned!
After tomorrow we also have more info about our prize shipping plans.


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