MV Challenge - the galleries #08

by Roman aka jar

Hey Jungle,

today we  continue with showing you the entries from our recent MV challenge.
If you want to know how we proceed read it here.

Well, of course we can not upload all entries at once.
This would be just too much beauty at once and would not garantuee available time to appreciate your beautiful entries. We want to thank everyone who took part once again for showing us that you are a winner painter. A painter who wants to win experience and goes for uncommon topics to discover a journey and new experiences! You all rock!

Total numbers
Waterbase challenge: 35
Infinity challenge: 66

Entries will be shown with first names only. Additionally they will be shown in random order, no not really. We are using the alphabet as a helper here, but still without any connections to any medals or wins. Entries showed will be linked up to the overview in the actual posting. Unfortunately, we are not able to add all your kind comments or describtions to your entries. We are sorry, but be sure that we've read them and enjoyed all your words! If you are missing your entry - even we did this with german and swiss organisation parameters - please be so kind to contact us.

Today it is Infinity entries again.
So far we showed you - now updated and without errors :D (thanks, Jrp)

Infinity gallery #01
Infinity gallery #02

Infinity gallery #03
waterbase gallery #01
waterbase gallery #02
waterbase gallery #03

Let's go ... and enjoy :)

#28 Gerardo

#29 Gert


#30 Harald

#31 Istvan

#32 Jens Riber

#33 Jeroni

#34 Johannes

#35 Jörg

See you tomorrow for more  -
waterbases again ;)

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