MV wishes you a happy new year!

by Massive Voodoo

Hey Jungle Painters,

your MV-Team hopes you enjoyed the Christmas days like we did. Silent nights.
Your jungle blog is still on vacation mode and before we forget we want to wish all of you a

Happy New year 2017. 

Look back to 2016 and think what was good about it, grief for what was sad and be happy for your moments of happiness. Every year is a mix of emotions, situations, moments, experiences. We wish that 2017 brings you what you wish for, a lot of painting time, but more important health, honest friendship and joy in your life. If you find things in you or in your life that you wish to change for the better, stop giving it a try. Just do it. When you just do it there are two options: either you fail or you do it. Both is something you can rely on, but trying is just something ... well, trying is not enough to change sometimes. A try will be a try. Be Jedi. Do or do not, but be aware what you do. Do it with all your senses.

There is one thing you can be sure about in 2017:
Massive Voodoo will be there for you in the new year, bringing you tons of articles, inspiration, ideas and finished miniatures.

The MV Team is proud to show you the results of
2016's MV year of the painter 2:

Thirty-five tutorial- and step by step articles were written for you this year and we were really happy for your feedback on these. Thanks for voting and painting with us. We can promise yo another thing: 2017 we can not do another year of the painter, but we got different plans with all of you :)

to everyone who took part in 2016's big MV contest, the MV's Mad Max Car Contest 2.
It was just so cool to see all your entries and we are already preparing a contest for 2017.
Stay tuned and energized for something truely inspirational!

We also want to thank everyone who celebrated
Massive Voodoo's birthday with us and sent in their workspace.

Thanks to all our partners in collaberations, thanks to everyone who did buy a painted miniature from one of the MV-Team, thanks for everyone who comissioned one of the MV Team, thanks to every student who did visit a painting or sculpting or private coaching class in 2016.

Thank you all for your continous support!

Thanks to everyone who supported Bene and Roman in MV's Zombie Community Project. 
Early in 2017 we will have the next big update for you. 

Seminar and Workshop plans for 2017 are already being made, grab your seat now!

Thanks to everyone who dropped a donation via the jungle donation button over the year 2016.

Thank you! 

What to expect from early 2017 here on MV:
First of all a little radio silence from Roman's side as he is recharging a little, updating blog areas, preparing future articles, catching up with his mails, organising things behind the curtain. The other MV monkeys are always around, let's see if they monkey around enough to write something.

Roman so far can tell you that you can expect really interesting interviews from his side, cool miniatures unpacked, some exquisite painting articles and of course the review on MV's Jar's Beginners class in Herne, Germany.  

Stay tuned! 


Let's check back with our recent Christmas post!
Thank you all for posting so many comments, it was a true joy to read them, thank you for your honesty and all the joy you brought by putting your comment there!

Now it is time for us to find the lucky winner of our Christmas gift.
Roman's 2016 working matte, packed with magnificant painting powers, inspiration, creative madness and personal gorilla chaos on it. Additional with it goes the original Christmas Gorilla drawing you can see above.

We used to find our winner and our random lottery winner is ...



is ...


Congratulations, lucky you!
Please get in contact with your MV Team via mv(at)massivevoodoo(dot)com to recieve information about the delivery and please sent your adress with this mail. You can also do this in 2017 as no monkey will answer before the year will change.

So far, 
keep on happy painting!
Your MV-Team


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