Base SBS: Blood Bowl

by Massive Voodoo

Hey Jungle,

well, well, well ... it is Christmas time here in Germany and many other places on this world.
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The jungle of Massive Voodoo will be in vacation mode until the new year, but before we say officially goodbye we will have some cool content for you, just before Christmas.
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This will be a small sum up and final additions to this years MV's year of the painter 2.
If you want to keep track with an overview on what has happened so far in
MV's year of the painter 2 please check this link!

The one for today is Roman's article speaking about
"Step by Step - Blood Bowl Base".

Roman is now taking over the article.
We hope you enjoy.

Hello Blood Bowl fans, players and cheerleaders,

this article today will be precise and fast.
Just like a good Blood Bowl tackle :)

Some people asked me how I did build my base
for the recently painted Blood Bowl Skaven Thrower.
This one:

 What you need to build your base:

That grass matt is included in Busch's Small animal sets.
I never found good use for it. Always disliked it in all the boxes I opened up for via my Beginners Class. Now I found it reason to exit. It is perfect for Blood Bowl bases, but I am pretty sure, that if you can not get your hands on this you find something similar, in fact it is about the idea.

Cut a small piece that kind of fits your base.

Use plenty of superglue. Medium one. Thin one will run everywhere and you hate it. Thick one is just too thick.

Use a toothpick to push it around so all areas are covered, take care for the edges, don't push over, but still try to hit them or you will later on have the issue that I will have :D

Put both together, not with too much pressure in the beginning, or you will push out the glue to the sides of the base, but slowly more pressure and then turn it around and let it dry.

When dry, cut the edges rough and then precise.

Use water on your base. Make the base wet.

 Use some other green colors and drop some into the watery base.

Depending on the look for your Blood Bowl field you can now also add some browns and greens, washes in this case. My base is a wet mess right now.

Wait about 15 minutos and let most of the water on your base vaporize. Go back to the base when it is still wet, but not soaked. Use pure, thick white paint and draw your white line. It will not look like pure white as it will connect with the wet colors on your base. The reason why we waited for most of the water to dry: If we would not have waited the whites now would run everywhere.

I did not use proper superglue on the edges and I though about using a blade to cut off a part I did not like and ripped it off, because I was missing superglue here and everything was soaked up with water.

Everything happens for a reason and I took soil and placed it on some areas on the base. Of course mainly to hide the damage I did to the base. I used a brown wash on top of the dry earth and of course I glued it with superglue.

When everything was dry, absolutely dry. I used a brighter green color and drybrushed it over the grass parts of the base.

 I did this again with even brighter green.

I washed the white stripe with browns and greens, before I used pure white again to mark it out again, drybrushing. I created a splatter of blood and painted my base edge black.

Subject tackled :)

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes

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