MV wishes Merry Christmas!

by Massive Voodoo

Hey Jungle Painters,

today all of your Massive Voodoo Team wants to wish all of our readers, friends, family and everyone who celebrates Christmas holidays
Merry merry Christmas!

We will not post any traditional christmas songs here,
just one cool one
and a second one.

More photos done by Roman:

writing a little Christmas Kong Fu:

Enjoy the more silent days of the year with friends, family and loved ones.

Looking at the world nowadays this is what the world needs. More calm minds, freedom, love and peace. Easier said than done. The winter holidays, including the celebrations of Christmas is a long history and even I am not a religious person at all I learned that there is one rule/religion everyone should live by to have a better world: Spread happiness in your circle of people you can reach. They will spread happiness too and the small circles one day will be bigger. Do not spread anger, hate, greed or envy. It one day will all come back to you.

It is not only Christmas time you should live this. 
You can do this every single day in your life. Be nice to your neighbour, friends, family, community, homeless people, unknown people - take time to help others or even offer help in any case. Smile. Make someone else happy with maybe a small gesture. Be honest. To yourself. To others. Make decisions that do not hurt you or others, if need be speak clearly, directly and honest to make the one sitting with you understand your points of view. Grief honestly if need be. Make sure to know your weakness to be able to help others with the person you are. Think yourself in other persons shoes, before you judge them. Be more self-confident in spreading your good.

I rember reading the following tale/message/meaning 
by Mario somewhere over the year 2016 on facebook and it stunned me - it is out of a book, nobody really knows and we are even unsure if it is really about a samurai - I write it in my own interpretation, but I am pretty sure you get the meaning :

A samurai gets approached by his students...
They want to know more secrets of life from him and he offers them a lesson, he is asking:

"If someone gives you a gift and you do not accept it. Who does the gift belong too?"

The students got to think a little, because it can be unpolite to not accept a gift, but their answer is:
"If you do not accept the gift it will belong to the one who is delivering it. It is still his."

The Samurai answers:
"Right, and it is the same when someone approaches you with anger, hate, envy and all bad emotions. You can accept them and make them a part of you too or you do not accept them and they will stay with the person who delivers them."

Well, this really stunned me and helped me a lot to be a better person. Just wanted to tell this again here. Now not to be ultra pathetic in here we also want to give one of our readers a very special ...

Massive Voodoo Christmas gift

My workbench is usually covered with two cutting mattes.
One new and shiny and the other one a mess of creativity. It grew over the year 2016 and now it is time for a new one. This old one is full of memories of me, I used it to draw, paint, write notes, do teaching examples, dozen of moments of happy painting with happy accidents and did dirty work on it.

Some might think, that I am giving garbage as a present here, but do not get this wrong. For me this is something very personal and maybe someone will hang it to his wall or even use it himself. Maybe there are happy painting energies hidden in it and they will influance you. Who knows. To the right corner it will recieve a personal dedication to the person who will win it.

The person who wins this will also recieve the original drawing of MV's Christmas Gorilla, done by me:

How can you win this?
Write a comment below this post, whatever you like, about Christmas, about Gorilla's throwing around Christmas trees, Harambe, cats, miniatures, icecream or your most impressive moment in 2016. Whatever you like. You can only do a "hello" if you are shy. Only one comment per person.

We will make a raffle from everyone who commented until 28th of December and one lucky person will recieve this Christmas gift out of the jungle of Massive Voodoo. It will be a late Christmas gift as we will ship it in the new year. Shipping is on us of course.

Comment ;)

Merry Christmas to you all!
Your MV-Team


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