GW Blood Bowl: Skaven Thrower

by Massive Voodoo

Blood Bowl arrived in the jungle!
With GW's latest release of an old classic and wonderful game the Blood Bowl Fever arrived in the jungle too. No, we won't play it - as we are still working on our teams for Guild Ball - but a classic paintjob of one of the players is the minimum how MV wants to celebrate the rebirth of this cool game with hopefully more teams to join the frey.

Roman started this Skaven on his recent MV's Jar's Beginners Class in Herne, Germany. It belongs to Sebastian who organised the class together with Peter. Roman saw the sprues and asked Sebastian if he can paint one for him as a gift to say thanks for the organisation and the hospitality. This is the result, a fun paintjob ...

BLOOD BOWL: Skaven Thrower
Games Workshop, 28 mm

Keep on happy painting!


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