Massive thanks to Sergio!

by Massive Voodoo

Hey jungle people,

you might remember Sergio, he who presented a super awesome cool fan project to Massive Voodoo during the Monte San Savino Show 2014.

He so much surprised Raffa and Roman at the show when he gave the project to us, saying he is the biggest fan of MV on this planet and he gives this gift to us because he learned so much from the jungle. Well, we were absolutely speechless back then and still are.

Raffa, Sergio and Roman

The Jungle, speechless?  
Yes, but you know true monkeys can not be silent when touched at heart so we decided to do some photos of Sergio's project back in our studio where it has a special place in our cabinet, just close to the Orc bomber of Roman, a gift miniature by Conrad and many more.

We hope you enjoy Sergio's cool and lovely tribute project to Massive Voodoo:

This is just too cool and if you look close and are a constant reader of MV you might find very funny things in it! Thank you, Sergio!

Keep on happy painting!


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