A Sign of Life from Bene

by Bene aka Benji

Hey everyone!

it´s been a very long while since I was posting something here.

Now it´s time again to return and write some posts for you, because I didn´t post anything doesn´t mean I didn´t paint or sculpt miniatures. One reason why there was a long silence was a commission, where I worked pretty long on, but isn´t really interesting to show because it was actually a style of painting and a mass of miniatures, which I don´t want to deal with anymore. But today I brought another commission with me, which I finished recently and also a WIP shot of an ongoing commission.

Space Marines Deathwatch Team, the quality level is somewhere between high gaming table quality and cabinet. After last commission it was quite refreshing although I painted so many Space Marines this year that I don´t want to paint even only one Space Marine for the next months.

I hope you like those minis, at least the customer was quite happy and that´s in my opinion the most important thing when doing commissions.

And here is the WIP shot of the actual project, if I am right informed the bust was a limited run from Games Workshop or Forgeworld and is probably very hard to get, if you want to paint one yourself. The sculptor behind this bust is Juan Diaz as far as I know.  The painting progress isn´t too far at the moment as I mainly worked on the skin, where still some finishing steps are missing for my feeling. I also did some work on his horns and a baselayer for the eyes and hair. So still a little bit to do on him.

If you are interested in a commission yourself, you can contact me via my e-mail adress:
bene (at) massivevoodoo (dot) com  for further information and details.

Beside that I will bring you some more finished personal projects in the next time.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures and I will try to post a little more regular in the next weeks.




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