MV blog is on holiday!

by Massive Voodoo

Hello Jungle painters,

it is time for some holidays on your jungle blog -
time for Christmas and New Years Eve.
Time to be spent with the family, friends and the ones we love.

We hope you do the same!

Wouf! Wouf! Merry Christmas!
We wish all readers, friends, family and supporters of Massive Voodoo a wonderful Christmas time. Relax yourselves, enjoy the warmth of the family and maybe find some relaxing happy painting time!

It has been a beautiful 5th year of this blog with you all here on Massive Voodoo and we want to thank everybody who is with us, writing comments, learning from the site's content, who takes part in our contests, who participats in our classes and who supports us by doing so.

We are looking forward to the fast approaching new year and we are looking forward to bring you more happy painting in the future! Stay put! Do not celebrate to hard into the New Year!


Do not forget to get yourself ready for the BANANALICIOUS Painting Contest - Episode 2 if you are taking your brush up for some painting fun. 

MV is already preparing painting classes for 2015, have a look if you are interested in those.

Read you in the new year!
Keep on happy painting!
Your MV-Team


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