MV Christmas Sales!

by Massive Voodoo

Hey jungle-readers,

soon it´s Christmas and perhaps there are some of you who are looking for a nice present to themselfs or to somebody close. As space in our cabinets is getting a more and more rare resource, the MV-Team decided to sell some of their miniature projects.

We also did a big update to the for Sale area to have it easier for you to navigate - see it behind the banner:

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New Updates by Peter aka Baphomet:

- The Rising, 28 mm, Diorama with Mantic Games
- Son of Asterios, 54 mm, Diorama with Red Box Games and Mierce Miniatures
- Raid, 54 mm, Display Model, Forged Monkey
- Predator, 28 mm, Display Model, Predastore
- Pirate Bust, 200 mm, Pegaso Models
- Dáo Fêi, 28 mm, Display Model, Corvus Belli
- Dead King, 54 mm, Display Model, Metal Models

New Updates by Roman aka jarhead:

- The Crusader, 54 mm, Display Model, Nocturna Models
- Levon, the Firefighter, 28 mm, Gaming Model, Hasslefree Miniatures
- Hac Tao, 28 mm, Display Model, Corvus Belli

Your MV-Team


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